• Exporting your brand across the globe
  • AD Associates will sell and distribute your brand and products into export markets through a network of agents and distributors.
  • We manage these relationships for you from presenting your products, managing your stock and agreeing renumeration and contracts.
  • Choosing the best scenario for your company or brand in a foreign territory can be a difficult choice.
  • Ad associates through its feasibility studies and range of deal finders will bring these options to you, whether through;
  • Sales agents, distributors or partners in the country.
  • Finding countries with Free trade agreements and other benefits is also something that we cover.

AD Associates can save you're company time
and resources that would be used on:


We match your brand to the market for you

Where do you start with
Market research

This is all done for you

How can you adapt your
product to suit

Our team will conduct all the necessary checks and modifications that maybe required for your brand i.e ensuring that it meets the standards and requirements of the region.